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About Mike Diehl,  Diehl's Police K9 Training Center, LLC, and z Diehlomov:

Diehl's Police K9 Training Center, LLC., and z Diehlomov is where I promote my lifelong passion, the working German Shepherd Dog. Since a very early age I was always fascinated with the allure of a dog bred to perform work and fulfill a function. Quickly I knew that the German Shepherd Dog was my favorite breed of choice because of their awesome abilities, physical beauty, and high intelligence. I have dedicated myself to the breed and have striven to do everything possible to continue to improve upon the quality of these magnificent animals. I work primarily with Czech and DDR bloodlines and my goal is to focus on quality, not quantity, preserving the German Shepherd Dog as a working dog...!!

z Diehlomov puppies are bred to perform in areas of Schutzhund, Police K9, Search and Rescue, Agility, Obedience, Tracking, and Arson Detection. In addition to specialized breeding we are also able to offer imported dogs out of some of the very best European working bloodlines. If you need training, assistance, or have any questions, please free to contact me anytime at

Yours in training,
Mike Diehl

Work Experience

Police officer since April 1985.
Police K9 handler since 1986.
Patrol dog trainer since 1996. Currently in charge of training patrol dogs for Indianapolis Metro Police Department. IMPD has 1700 sworn officers and the K9 section has 30 patrol dogs.
Currently handling my fifth police dog on the street. I've been involved in 1000's of high risk searches and 100's of apprehensions. Served 10 years on the SWAT team.
Trained 100's of handlers and dogs.
Schutzhund Experience

Member of United Schutzhund Clubs of America since 1992
President and training director of OG Indianapolis Schutzhund and Police. Training director for the Mid Eastern Region.
Three times in the USCA Schutzhund three club. Stormfronts Brawnson, Kutter vom Landesberg and Irmus Galan Nalag.
Won five Mid eastern Regional championships with four different dogs.
Won a total of eight National championship events with four different dogs.
Won the Working dog championship four out of the last five years with two dogs.
Qualified for ten world championship teams with four different dogs, Stormfronts Brawnson, Basco Slovenskeho Domu, Erri z Blantenskeho zamku, Irmus Galan Nalag.
Highest world championship placing was fourth place at 2013 FCI Roudnce Czech republic.
Coaching Experience

Coached Sean O'kane with Max to two USCA GSD national championships, one AWDF championship and several world teams.
Coached Carolyn Daniel with Grant to first place at 2013 MER championship, several national championships competitions and 2011 WUSV qualification trial.
Coached Kevin and Cheryl Nance to two USCA Universal sieger titles as well regional and national championships.
Coached many club members and their dogs from puppy to IPO 3.

Diehl's K9 Training LLC
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