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Training - Contact us to see if we can help you meet your training goals.

We offer all phases of training for Police and civilians. Schutzhund, obedience, tracking, protection, drug detection, bomb detection and full police K9 training. We also offer problem solving and consultation.

Best Beginnings:

z Diehlomov is excited to offer to you now the "Best Beginnings" puppy program! We all know the importance of proper imprinting and foundation work in our puppies and young dogs. Unfortunately, most people just don't have the time, knowledge, or patience it demands to make sure your dog grows to his or her full genetic potential. However, now you can have the experienced trainers at Z Diehlomov do all the work for you!!!

We will work with your young Schutzhund or Police K9 prospect and strive to give your future partner their "Best Beginnings" head start over the rest of the competition. We will use our extensive experience to work with your young dog to lay the proper foundation and imprinting behaviors to give you and your partner your very best chance for success.

Our motivation-only program will cover areas such as:

  • Promotion of prey drive

  • Promotion of proper grip behavior

  • Promotion of food drive

  • Promotion of natural aggression

  • Socialization to other dogs, cats, people, and children

  • Crate training and travel

  • Safety issues such as deterring food aggression

  • Exposure to equipment such as collars, harnesses, and muzzles

  • Scent work... and much more...

We can also address specific issues or concerns and will tailor a program just for you!! Contact us for details and availability and experience the difference for yourself.

Here you can see Mike utilizing the Bite Box. It is an idea that we were able to bring back from Europe from our good friend Joseph Mravik of Eurosport-K9. The Bite Box when done properly helps to teach proper gripping behavior early in young dogs and helps produce FULL and CALM GRIPS. It minimizes chance of handler error, teaches the dog to work independent of the handler, and creates fast hard strikes and re-grips. In the video you can see a 6 month old dog in the box for the first time. The dog did very well with strong active barking, nice regrips off shallow presentations, and full / calm holds. The picture shows a side shot of the dog learning to open wide and strike fast. Grips are crucial and that is why we use the Bite Box on our dogs and as part of our Best Beginnings program.

Below is a grandson of Stormfront's Brawnson that just one of the few pups doing successful in our "Best Beginning" program.

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SEE VIDEO BELOW FOR DEMO ON BOX TRAINING (May take a minute to load! Please be patient...)
or, Clich HERE to load the full video of K9 Zem in the box...


Muzzle Down exercise

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Here is a video from YouTube showing some nice bitework....


Videos 1 - Iris table training (Posted 09/22/08)
Videos 2 - Sig protection training (Posted 09/22/08)

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Hugo Pet-Keram
Meet "Hugo", another young male doing well in our "Best Beginnings" program. Hugo is the son of V4 Anouc Lar Leomegy SchH2,  owned by Taunya and Josef Mravik of Eurosport K9.

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Videos 1-2 -  Show how well "Hugo" is doing in the "Best Beginnings" Program.
Videos 3 - Hugo table training

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Seminar Photos from the Greater Cinncinati Schutzhund Club

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